Where Children Flourish

Assessment without Levels


From September 2014, the government removed the National Curriculum levels by which schools have historically assessed children. Children will now be assessed against the content from the National Curriculum on a year-by-year basis, with schools being given the autonomy to decide their own approaches to assessment.

Here at Rose Hill, there are three reported assessment points in the year (Terms  2, 4, 6). At these points, teachers’ assessments of each child’s national curriculum band and sub-band are recorded onto the school progress tracking programme (Target Tracker). Class teachers also assess twice more during the year to ensure children are making progress but this information is not reported, it is used 'in-house'.


We are guided by these assessment principles:

  • all assessment should be fair, robust, accurate, reliable and useful
  • all assessments will impact on the teacher's planning and the children's learning
  • children, teachers and teaching assistants are clear about what the child can do and what they need to do next
  • teachers share relevant information with parents/ carers so that they know what their child can do and what they need to do next


Click the links below in the table to access the Key Performance Indicators from Target Tracker for each year group to see the assessment statements. The majority of children will be working within the statements for their own year group, however, all children are individual and, at times, the statements from a different year group may be used to assess a child against.






Foundation Stage




Year 1

Band 1 Reading

Band 1 Writing

Band 1 Maths

Year 2

Band 2 Reading

Band 2 Writing

Band 2 Maths

Year 3

Band 3 Reading

Band 3 Writing

Band 3 Maths

Year 4

Band 4 Reading

Band 4 Writing

Band 4 Maths 

Year 5

Band 5 Reading

Band 5 Writing 

Band 5 Maths 

Year 6

Band 6 Reading

Band 6 Writing 

Band 6 Maths 


Parent and Carer Guide to Target Tracker